Friday, September 14, 2012

Sparky's Bad Day

A fun little ditty I mustered up for the .  Check out all the fun goings-on over at , led by the captain of captains, Jon Esparza.

And there you are.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NOT Max...!

Another one of those work break-time sketches (man, I love drawing in ballpoint), sitting in the car, waiting to go back into Shawshank Wholesale.  Rough as heck, but it makes me happy.
The little fella's dialogue is a response to a co-worker who thought I had just drawn Max from 'Wild Things'.  Hadn't even dawned on me.
I was actually thinking of Miyazaki at the time...
And there you are :^)

Oh, SIlly Kabloo!

Goofy little sketches like these, in moments of freedom when I'm not chasing my youngest around the house, that make me happy...

This is not a slingshot...

The first image of one of my WIPs.
And there you are.

A Whistling Pig...

Pen & ink of my dear Queenie, riding her snappy little Vespa.
And there you are.

My Viking Years

Woah!  Its been awhile!
Well, here's a character sketch for a book a LOOOONG time in the making, which happens to be a  memoir of sorts, and a "companion" piece to the 'Waffles' sketch.
And there you are.
PS: Yup, that shield is a nod to a favorite 80's game of my youth...