Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Darque Sketches

Morning warm-up sketches from a story idea I've been noodling around with lately, sort of an all-ages friendly Nightbreed.
Damn, does that even make sense?

Dirty Old Piece of Crap

My humble attempt at Mignola's "Emperor Zombie", from the neo-masterpiece, Amazing Screw-On Head...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

King Max Rumpus Dance!

Work on my children's book has finally begun. Work in obvious nod to Sendak and King Max...;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I say, Sir Piff!

I don't know who this gentleman is, but I like him. Starting to find my "voice" a little bit here...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big B&W

I love Hellboy.
I LOVE Mignola.
The series has reached an all-time peak with the he's-so-fantastic-I-hate-his-f***ing-guts Duncan Fegredo hopping onboard.
I kinda like this sketch. One of the rare moments where I didn't instantly hate what I just sketched...

Oliver Twist study

I'd love to see a great giant-sized graphic novel adaption of Oliver Twist.
And I'd love to do it...of course.

The Joker

An little bit of an oldie, but one of my more favorite recent artsy thingamabobs...

Preciousssssss Hobbit Sketches

For a bit now, I've been playing around with creating some sequential pages based on "The Hobbit", just to show as samples of my talent...or lack there of.
These were some initial stabs at Bilbo and Gollum done awhile back...

Grimly Blaque

This handsome li'l bastard was what I christened my new sketchbook with. Fun to just fire off with a pen and try a little watercolor...even though I can't watercolor for crap. Tis still be fun.
The name is a little tip o' the proverbial cap to two of my favorite children's books creators, Gris Grimly and Holly Black.
His little dialogue balloon was a message to myself...

The Life & Times of The Daring-Do Kid

The Daring-Do Kid enjoying some downtime with Heinekin (aka Danger Dog), somewhat spent after battling the diabolical Kleigor Von Dragoon...
Circa 1978